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April 12th 2018

We are offering a one mont​h trial of our bookkeeping services for free for new clients from April 2018. That's right absolutely free. No gimmicks, no commitment, no hidden fees, and no strings attached. But why are we offering free bookkeeping services?

We believe in our services

We believe that we offer excellent bookkeeping services and we want to show you what we can do for you. From simple monthly or quarterly reconciliations to full cycle day to day bookkeeping we can handle anything. We realize that not all businesses are the same and so we can't offer a one size fits all bookkeeping package. Our bookkeeping services are totally customized to meet your needs; it is truly all about you and your business.

We care about your business

We care about our clients and their success. We like to think of ourselves as business partners for all of our clients. Giving you an accurate bookkeeping system that you can use as a tool to make business decisions is our highest priority. We really enjoy watching our clients grow and become more and more successful over time.

People love free stuff

Don't you like free stuff? I know that I do. And what we are offering truly is free. Also, there is no obligation. Try it out and see for yourself.

Normal fees

Our normal fees are £20 per hour however we can give you a unique and discounted quote depending on the size of the business.

This is an ongoing promotion and does not have an end date.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


June 28th 2018

How often do you update your bookkeeping systems? Once a day, once a week, once a month or do you do it that once a year when your tax return is due?

I personally do mine on a weekly basis - I have the worst memory so that means I can still (just about) remember what happened in that week and gives me more control over my cash flow. It is crucial to keep your records up to date so you know what position your business is in.

Never just rely on your bank balance as it may not take into account payments to go out or payments that may becoming in.


July 16th 2018

This morning I bumped into someone I have known for absolutely years - they own their own business, I asked how it was going and they said fine other than the fact they are completely stressed about moving over to a cloud accounting package in time for the new Making Tax Digital rules for VAT registered businesses that are being enforced by HMRC in April next year.

Now this is something I work with on a day to day basis, my whole life is bookkeeping and that made me wonder why someone who has such a successful business is trying to do it on his own and wouldn't look at getting an expert in to help. I'm not just talking about me as there are so many experts out there who are incredibly good at their jobs.

It'd be great to know what other small businesses are doing in this situation, are you outsourcing or are you doing it yourself? What are the factors involved in making this decision? I think I know the obvious answer which is money but it'd be great to hear what else you think about when it comes to bookkeeping for your business.


July 24th 2018

We all know there are lots of accounting software packages out there these days.

We have the well known brands such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage. Then the possibly lesser known ones such as Pandle and Freeagent. If you Google for 'accounting software', there will be hundreds of hits of packages we have never even heard of.

I have always been an avid fan of Xero. It's not important if I find it easy to use, it is my clients who need to look at it, understand it and work their way round it. I have found that is always the one that they can grasp, more than less, straight away.

I'd love to know what software package you use for your business and why? What is it about that package that makes it work for you and your business? Or, just maybe, you don't have a software package at all, you'd be surprised the amount of people who still use spreadsheets or even those people who just keep all their paperwork to one side for their accountants!!



I think from a business and personal point of view, this will sound like common sense BUT a lot of people still don't do this:-

If we take materials for example, if you look at how much you have spent, you may wonder why your costs are so high in a certain month. You may have completed more sales in that month so turnover is equally as high or you may have had to spend extra money for an upcoming project BUT did you look around for the cheapest quote, did you collate a few different prices or do you have one supplier that you purchase from all time?

Don't just stick to what you know, always look for a better deal because it will be out there and save money wherever you can. This applies to day to day business life aswell as those special one off projects you may have.